Sometimes, errant cars were almost penetrated by the defective designed terminal end when unavoidable impact happened. Thereby, the reasonable design is important to reduce damage to the vehicle and may save the life of its occupants. After a series of experimentation and test, guardrail terminal ends are well-designed by our company for providing a soft impact and keeping the vehicles free of being speared by terminal ends.

Generally, obvious colors are often painted on guardrail terminal end to warn the driver not to impact or noticing a transition to high volume, high sped way. So it is widely used on the side or median of the roadway as shown in the right picture.

端头 镀锌


端头 PVC



What kind of guardrail terminal can we supply?

Generally, different types and applications of highway guardrails mean the different shapes and sizes of terminal ends. After a survey about the needs of markets, we mainly supply five kinds of guardrail terminal ends.

Type A:

This kind of terminal ends feature perfect impact performance and widely used on the end part of traditional W beam or thrie beam guardrail to providing a cushion during collision.

Type A
Type A 1
Type B:

Different from type A guardrail terminal ends, this competitively priced one is widely used where may not be subject to head-on collisions, such as end of downstream roadside, etc.

Type B
Type B 1
Type B 2
Type B 3
Type C:

Type C terminal also are known as fishtail ends, which are normally used as the terminal of W beam or thrie beam guardrails.

Type C

For W beam guardrails

Type C 1

For thrie beam guardrails

Type D:

Compared to fish tail shape ends, it features holes in the end for convenient bolting the terminal firmly to some structures, such as bridges, highway roll stations, etc.

Type D

For W beam guardrails

Type D 1

For thrie beam guardrails

Type E:

Guardrail round end.

Type E
Type E 1


Type B
Type B 4
Type B 1 1
Type B 2 1
Type B 3 1
Type C
Type C 2
Type C 1 1
Type C 2 1
Type C 3
Type D
Type D 2
Type D 1 1



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Visita técnica

Compilação de visões técnicas e informações utilizadas na elaboração de propostas técnicas de vistoria de piso.

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